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OLOBASIC is a nutritional supplement formulated based on natural ingredients that work synergistically and complementary to each other, with alkalizing, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and remineralizing properties. 

Format: Case 21 or 30 bags of 8 g

Contains in harmonic proportions:

  • alkalizing salts which, by improving the reserves of the buffer substances present in the body, make it possible to mitigate the effects of an increasingly rich diet of acidifying foods;
  • minerals that allow the body to make nutritional elements essential for maintaining a perfect mineral reserve;
  • vitamins and trace elements with predominantly antioxidant activity;
  • regulatory fibers of intestinal transit with prebiotic activity in order to promote the development of eubiotic bacterial flora.

It is recommended as an adjuvant in the treatment of the following diseases:


Intestinal disorders due to the predominance of the putrefactive bacterial flora:

  •  meteorism
  •  irregularity of intestinal transit (in particular constipation)
  •  dyspepsia
  •  use of antibiotics and chemotherapeutics


General disorders related to chronic tissue acidosis:

  • gastricpyrosis
  • regurgitations
  • migraine
  • sleepdisorders
  • psychomotorasthenia
  • halitosis



  • osteoporosis


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