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Edema is an accumulation of liquid of varying consistency (soft, elastic or hard) in the intercellular spaces and in the interstices of the tissues, which manifests with welling and feeling of tension or fullness. There are several types of Edema: due to trauma, stasis of the lower limbs, lymphatic stasis, overload, venous stasis, etc.. Swelling is the common denominator of all Edemas. Reducing swelling is the main goal to be achieved In general, it is useful to receive massages that promote the drainage of liquids. For this type of massage, the pressure on the patient is gentle because the system is superficial, so the therapy must have a pleasant and relaxing effect.
Manual lymphatic drainage stimulates, promotes and accelerates the circulation of the lymphatic system and is carried out on:
  • Edematous limbs
  • Cellulite Stretch marks
  • People who have undergone liposuction
  • Lymphoedema
  • Etc.
Numerous clinical and experimental evidence have highlighted the presence of iron deposits in the adipose tissue and in the interstitial fluid. 

Cream with chelating and proteolytic action Adjuvant in lymphatic drainage

The liquids, exuded from the venous flow, carry molecules containing iron ions. The accumulation of iron, regardless of how it occurs, is always toxic or deadly for cellular life and if iron  ccumulation is found next to lipids, iron ions activate a peroxidation process which leads to a gradual inflammation of the whole tissue. Iron toxicity is therefore due to its potent oxidating activity. This is because free-circulating iron easily reacts with oxygen and peroxides, thus producing threatening free radicals, whose harmful activity against the cell structure is well-known. The stasis of toxic substances including iron, the growth of free radicals, the tissue acidity, the reduction of oxygenation, etc. affect over time the interstitial matrix and therefore the structure of the tissues which will develop specific skin irregularities such as orange peel skin. Another important feature of Edema is the presence of hydrophilic proteins, such as albumin, which tends to increase interstitial water retention and hence swelling.
This characteristic means that the proteins stagnating in the interstitial matrix on the one hand attract water molecules to themselves, similar to the magnets with iron  articles, on the other, they stimulate the fibroblasts present locally to produce collagen fibers and consequently fibrous-sclerotic tissue.
Vasopure® is based on liposomal lactoferrin and MSM (Methylsufonylmethane).
  • Lactoferrin, is an iron chelator as well as an inhibitor of lipogenesis.
Liposomal lactoferrin (the only active form of lactoferrin).The liposomal formulation enables to bring active ingredients in-depth maintaining at the same time their
properties and stability unchanged.
  • MSM, Methylsufonylmethane, is an organic sulfur compound which acts synergistically with iron chelators and improves the lipodermatosclerotic tissue.
A key feature of lymphatic edema is indeed the presence of hydrophilic proteins, like albumin, which are responsible for increasing interstitial water retention and thus cause swelling.
The cream can be applied after an accurate washing of the area and before lymphatic drainage. It softens the parts where accumulation is more significant and prepares the area for a more effective drainage of liquids and proteins. Vasopure®, thanks to its moisturising effect, can be applied regardless of lymphatic drainage once or twice a
day with a gentle massage, until it is completely absorbed. It leaves a smooth skin and restores skin elasticity with a nice scent of Geranium and Eucalyptus. Cycles of 45/60 days are recommended.
In order to test the efficacy of Vasopure®, 20 voluntary female subjects were enrolled to assess the effects of the product, which was used twice a day for a period of eight weeks. The women, aged between 18 and 60 years of age, had localized cellulite and accumulation of fat. During the test, skin properties have been measured by using special tools and the enrolled subjects were encouraged to provide their feedback. Vasopure® can increase skin hydration Through corneometry, a specific test aimed at measuring the level of skin hydration, Vasopure ® has proven to improve skin hydration by 15% if used twice a day for eight weeks. vasopure® can also increase the level of skin elasticity. Skin elasticity has been assessed through an elastomer. Skin elasticity reflects the potential capacity of skin retraction and the use of Vasopure twice a day for eight weeks has been associated with increased skin elasticity.  Vasopure® reduces the body fat Impedance analysis was performed in order to measure body fat and extracellular fluid. Thanks to the properties of Lactoferrin, which inhibits lipogenesis, it has been demonstrated that Vasopure® used twice a day for eight weeks can reduce the body fat. 
After eight weeks, the women who completed the study have reported extremely positive results. 
  • Microcirculation improved in 50% of subjects.
  • Visibility of localized accumulation of fat reduced in 35% of subjects.
  • Visibility of orange peel skin reduced in 60% of subjects.
  • Skin firmness effect was observed in 70% of subjects.
*after eight weeks of treatments.
External use – 200 ml e BOTTLE

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