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Amin Biodiet® provides those who need to lose weight with a simple, rapid, safe and long-lasting method.
A slimming obtained only at the expense of Massa Grassa! Nutritional therapies are aided by the use of food supplements, which make them safe and functional.
Nutritional supplements provide amino acids and proteins with a high quality index; a protein supplement of high biological value is used, whose main components are ultra-microfiltered whey protein whey, supplemented with amino acids in addition to vitamin B6 and zinc. The presence of antioxidant substances in addition to the intake of many liquids and phytotherapic agents with a predominantly draining and detoxifying action with action among other uricosurica is essential during the holoprotein diet.
The integration of fibers, prebiotics and lactic ferments is optimal, thanks to the specific supplements and the prescription of abundant quantities and a good variety of vegetables and vegetables.
Also important is the presence in the holoprotein diet of appropriate doses of alkalizing substances and vitamins, and of substances useful for optimizing lipid catabolism.
A diet therapy to be safe and effective requires the integration of natural food supplements!


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