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The range of services that we make available to our customers, ranging from distribution throughout Italy, to the constant availability and assortment of products, from delivery by courier, to the invaluable advice of our operators.



What services do we offer to our customers?

National Distribution of Food Supplements

GEFO nutrition Srl is the national distributor of hydrolyzed Collagen of swine origin, of Potential N and of the AMINBIODIET Slimming Method, the lines of dietary supplements, today, particularly used in modern nutritional therapies.

Immediate Availability

Our product lines are always at your disposal, at our headquarters or through our online shop. We have a wide assortment that guarantees fast and effective order fulfillment.

Fast delivery

GEFO nutrition Srl ensures a fast and efficient delivery of its food supplement lines, throughout the national territory. From the moment of the order, in 24/48 hours the goods will be delivered to your address.


Our staff is always ready to offer the right support to the purchase. For the Potenzial N line, our scientific consultant is Dr. Antonio Granillo (who can be contacted during the study hours at 338 189 91 62), who can clarify any doubts and will answer all your questions about Potential N.

Our food supplements? Always available and ... transportation is free!
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