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National producers and distributors

We are national producers and distributors of a wide range of food supplements that are the fulcrum of the so-called nutritional therapy, which pursues the spread of modern medical knowledge, according to which, the new frontier of health is not the absence of disease, but an optimal one life quality.
Nutritional therapy differs from conventional drug therapies in that it is directed not only at treating the disease and its symptoms, but at improving all the body's defense mechanisms.




“The new frontier of health is not the absence of disease, but the quality of life.” 
And the mission of GEFO Nutrition Srl is to improve yours, guaranteeing the well-being of the organism in a natural way.

Food supplements

We are national distributors of hydrolyzed collagen pork and Potential N and national producers and distributors of the AMIN Biodiet line
Our desire to disseminate a philosophy of healthy life, based on natural products, it has led us to a reconversion process that allows us to benefit from a solid reputation in the production and distribution of high quality products of natural origin.
The supplements do not replace a healthy and varied diet, but neither do they integrate, improving them, the general characteristics of healthiness. 
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